Monday, May 14, 2018

Science Comics: Volcanoes: Fire and Life by Jon Chad

Science Comics: Volcanoes: Fire and Life 
by Jon Chad

About the Book

In a not-so-distant future our world is as cold as a frozen burrito. But can humanity save itself by harnessing a power that dwells inside the Earth? Explode into the world of geology in Volcanoes: Fire and Life!

A lot of magic happens under the Earth's crust. Thanks to magma vents, shifting continental plates, and volcanic eruptions, we know that our planet is alive and in motion. Alongside Aurora, a young explorer, you'll learn that volcanoes are just one of the massively powerful forces at work on our planet. From catastrophic destruction to the creation of new land masses, volcanoes have made their mark on our amazing Earth.

A vocabulary section at the end reinforces the language used throughout the story. 

Read a sample of this book.

About the Author 

Interview with Author Jon Chad 

Vocabulary Activity

Writing about a new vocabulary word can help you understand the word.
  1. Choose at least 10 words you do not know as you read this book.
  2. Write the sentence from the novel that contains the vocabulary word and page number.
  3. What is the definition of the word?
  4. Can you use it in your own sentence?
  5. Explain how the word connects to the story. 
Make a MCBA vocabulary book of other words in this book and all the 
other MCBA books you read.

Science Comics Series

Every volume of Science Comics offers a complete introduction to a particular topic. Books available now are Dinosaurs, Coral reefs, Volcanoes, Bats, Flying Machines, Sharks, Robots and Drones, Dogs and Plagues.

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