Friday, July 7, 2017

What is the Massachusetts Children’s Book Award Program?

Massachusetts Children’s Book Award Program
Sponsored by Salem State University

The Massachusetts Children's Book Award Program was founded by Dr. Helen Constant 1975 to encourage children in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades to read great books.

Students are given a “master list” of book titles. Children in grades 4, 5, and 6 are eligible to vote if they have read, or have heard read aloud, at least five of the books from the 2018 Master List.

Titles on the master list are all available in paperback. The author of the winning book receives a plaque to commemorate the award.

Massachusetts Children's Book Award 2018-2019

School registration information will be collected at the same time votes are cast in March; there is no longer a need to register in advance.
The link to the Official Ballot and the printable School Ballot will be posted on the website by February (?TBD) 2019. Salem State University - In the Community MCBA Website

Google Docs will close the Official Ballot link at 11:59 pm on Friday (?TBD) 2019. If you are unable to access the ballots, please email

The 2018-2019  MCBA winners will be announced on the Salem State University website on
April (?TBD) 2019.  Salem State University - In the Community MCBA Website