Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Out of Bounds by Fred Bowen

Out of Bounds by Fred Bowen

The Story

Eighth-grader Nate Osborne is a forward on his soccer team, the Strikers. He and the rest of his teammates are competitive, especially when it comes to playing against their rivals, the Monarchs. They want to win so badly that they're willing to root against the Monarchs when they play other teams. Nate starts feeling uncomfortable. Bad sportsmanship isn't always cheating, but is it always bad? Nate has to decide.

The History

Although it is hard to believe, a professional soccer player (in The Netherlands) really did let the other team score because he thought it was the right thing to do. He felt his team's last goal shouldn't have been counted because the other team's goalie wasn't ready. The goalie had thought the play had been stopped because of an injury on the field and was very surprised when the ball flew by him and into the net. 


What is the balance between exceptional sportsmanship and playing your best to beat your opponents?

Audio Name Pronunciation with Fred Bowen

Sunday Brunch - Interview with Fred Bowen

Since many kids are passionate about sports, author Fred Bowen writes books about sport for kids to show them how much fun reading can be. Mr. Bowen sports-fiction series of books are for boys and girls (ages 8-12). He also wrote a picture-book biography of Red Sox legend Ted Williams titled "No Easy Way". In addition to his books, the author writes the Thursday sports column for kids in "The Washington Post."

Check out the author's sports fiction series at sportsstoryseries.com.

Here is the link to the Washington Post Sports Column for Kids - "The Score"