Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mystery on Pine Lake: Cooper and Packrat by Tamra Wright

Mystery on Pine Lake: Cooper and Packrat by Tamra Wright

Cooper thought living at a campground would be cool. But ever since his parents bought the lakeside campground, he's had more chores and less time to explore. And as if babysitting his little sister and cleaning the bathrooms weren't bad enough, his ex-friend Roy has chosen him as this summer's bullying target. Cooper's only bright spot this summer is his new friend, Packrat, a guy who carries the world in his coat pockets and leaves his troubles behind. But trouble has come to the Wilder Family Campground and Pine Lake, where a family of loons is building a nest. First, someone dams up the lake and floods the nest. Then, when Cooper and Packrat build a raft where the loons can make a new nest, it gets destroyed by someone with big footprints. It's up to the boys to figure out who, why, and how to stop the culprit--before it's too late.

Author Interview with Tamra Wright

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Mystery of the Missing Fox
The stakes have never been higher for Cooper Wilder. When an accident puts Cooper s dad in the hospital, Cooper must shoulder new responsibilities at the campground. But he s distracted. First, he finds a fox caught in an illegal trap on the campground s land. Then kits start to go missing from the fox den. Who would want to steal the foxes? And why? Cooper joins forces with his friends, Packrat and Roy, to solve the mystery. The three young detectives must protect the den, find the kits, and (hopefully) rule out Summer, the new girl who lives across the lake, as a suspect. Juggling new work duties, feeling guilty about his father s accident, and desperate to help the fox kits, Cooper faces tough decisions about who and what should come first.
Mystery of the Eagle's Nest
Did you know that people buy and sell eagle feathers, claws, and parts? Cooper and Packrat didn’t, either. But they’re learning fast. When the boys find a box of valuable eagle parts, they soon realize that the owner will stop at nothing to get them back.