Friday, July 7, 2017

What is the Massachusetts Children’s Book Award Program?

The Massachusetts Children's Book Award Program was founded by Dr. Helen Constant 1975 to encourage children in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades to read great books.  It also gives children a chance to voice their opinion and choose the book they think deserves to be named the Massachusetts Children's Book of the year.  Only students in fourth, fifth and sixth grade are allowed to vote. 

Students are given a “master list” of book titles. After reading five of the books, students may vote for their favorite. The list is compiled from nominations of participating teachers, librarians and interested publishers. A selection committee works with the nominations and chooses 25 titles to appear on the master list.

Criteria for the master list include literary quality, genres variety, representation of diverse cultural groups and reader appeal. Books published within five years of the award year are eligible. Titles on the master list are all available in paperback. The author of the winning book receives a plaque to commemorate the award.

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This program is sponsored by Salem State University.

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